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Shri. Raviraj
About Lalitkalakshetra
About Lalitkalakshetra

We welcome you to the Lalit Kalakshetra, Raviraj Institute for Art and Culture.

The Lalit Kalakshetra is an institution committed to the preservation and dissemination of Art & Design, Traditional Indian Music and Dance.

The Institute, founded in 1992, has a long established reputation for excellence in the field of Fine Art and Performing Arts. It is a lively cultural centre reflecting a fusion of rich artistic traditions and contemporary insights.

The mission of the Lalit Kalakshetra is to provide each student with education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes a thirst for knowledge and understanding, sound values, self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

The Lalit Kalakshetra assists the students in developing skills, encourages them to become independent and self-reliant, and prepares them to become responsible citizens of the global community. At the Lalit Kalakshetra, the learning process is seen as one that is both challenging and enjoyable. We believe an Art Education should foster creativity, independent thinking, as well as provide a deep grounding in one or more performing disciplines. We provide the students not only exemplary education but also a participative atmosphere to learn and perform.

The student's fraternity of the Lalit Kalakshetra is expected to inculcate a sense of pride in and obligation to India's rich cultural heritage.

The faculty comprises gurus in different disciplines, who have earned laurels for themselves and for the Lalit Kalakshetra.

The Lalit Kalakshetra offers a diverse series of courses. Students can prepare for a Performing and or Teaching Career in their chosen discipline. Apart from the normal professional courses, there are classes for children in which a child can explore a particular Art or Musical or dance style without the immediate pressure of choosing it as a career option.

  • To arrange for the Training, Study, Teaching, Research and Development of Art and Science, Music, Dance, Drama and Fine Arts.
  • To ensure that the principles of "Education without fear" and "Art without vulgarity" are adhered.
  • To maintain the highest traditions of Art & Culture in their pristine purity and in conformity with traditions.


Artist, Art Teacher, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Visualiser, Art Director, Set Designer, Textile Designer, Product Designer, Jewellery Designer, Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Fashion Designer, Animator, Architect, Cartoonist, Art Consultant, Museum Curator, Layout Artist, Background Artist, Illustrators, Exhibit Designer, Magazine Designer, Portrait Painters, Medical Illustrator, Sculptors, Ceramic Designer, Photo Journalist, Special Effect Designer...

  1. 1. Teaching Art;
  2. 2. Illustration for Magazines;
  3. 3. Graphic Design/Layout design for Press;
  4. 4. Web Designing;
  5. 5. Package designing for Manufacturers;
  6. 6. Book Illustration;
  7. 7. Window Display;
  8. 8. Calendar Designing;
  9. 9. Promoting Art Shows;
  10. 10. Art Consultant;
  11. 11. Art Rental;
  12. 12. Art Exhibition;
  13. 13. Mehandi Designing;
  14. 14. Body Tattooing;
  15. 15. Selling Cartoons & Caricatures;
  16. 16. Portrait Sketching;
  17. 17. Portrait Painting;
  18. 18. Wedding Album Designing;
  19. 19. Sign Painting;
  20. 20. Story Board Preparation;
  21. 21. Designing through Computers;
  22. 22. Calligraphy;
  23. 23. Fabric Painting;
  24. 24. Tanjore/Mysore Painting;
  25. 25. Tanjore Glass Painting;
  26. 26. Stained Glass Painting;
  27. 27. A Comic Strip Artist;
  28. 28.Book Wrapper Designing;
  29. 29.Painting Murals;
  30. 30. Freelance Textile Designing;
  31. 31. Oil Portraits from Photographs;
  32. 32. Wood Carving;
  33. 33. Engraving;
  34. 34. Interior Designing;
  35. 35. Making Decorative Screens;
  36. 36. Wall paper designing;
  37. 37. Tile Designing;
  38. 38. Personalised greeting cards designing;
  39. 39. Designing for Screen printing.
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